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1. Alone? by Ronald W. Hull
History of humans becoming extraterrestrial, alone in the near Universe..
2. American Mole: Aryan Nation by Ronald W. Hull
Jason concludes career taking down Aryan militia of John White
3. American Mole: The Cartel by Ronald Hull
Mole infiltrates cartel planning to buy the US presidency.
4. American Mole: The Vespers by Ronald W. Hull
Jason serves the USA to defeat terrorists from within.
5. Hanging by a Thread by Ronald W. Hull
Ron Hull's autobiography overcoming fifty years of spinal cord disability.
6. IT'S IN THE WATER and Other Stories by Ronald W. Hull
Fifteen short stories: scary, based on truth, fiction and satire.
7. Impolite Stories: Sex, Religion & Politics by Ronald W. Hull
Impolite Stories is Ronald W.Hull's third book of short stories. Eighteen written between 2013-2017. Eclectic: science fiction,
8. The Kaleidoscope Effect by Ronald W. Hull
Historically-based SciFi novella of first contact with extraterrestrials.
9. Verge of Apocalypse Tales by Ronald W. Hull
Seven fictional apocalyptic short stories and end of world scenarios
10. WAR'S END: The End of Terrorism in the 21st Century by Ronald W. Hull
Thriller with novel end to 21st Century terrorism.
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