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1. Excellence in Reborn Artistry: Learn the Basics in Reborn Doll Making by Jeannine Holper
Learn the Basics of the Reborn Doll Making Art
2. Excellence in Reborn Artistry?: Reborn Dolls Layering Techniques for Just Born and Newborn Skintone by Jeannine Holper
Reborn your Dolls using Newborn Skin Layering Techniques (Intermediate/Advanced)
3. Excellence in Reborn Artistry?: Realistic Hair for Reborns: Hand Rooting Techniques by Jeannine Holper
Reborn your Dolls using Hand Rooting Hair Techniques(Beginner/Intermediate)
4. Excellence in Reborn Artistry?: ALL 6 SOFT BODY PATTERNS for Reborns - 32 sizes/configurations by Jeannine Holper
Reborn your Dolls using CreationsByJeannine Soft Body Patterns (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
5. How to Reborn a Doll in a Day by Angela Hoy
Reborn dolls sell for hundreds, and even upwards of a thousand or more on ebay! Collectors and hobbyists alike can't get enough
6. THE CITADEL CHRONICLES: Book One - A Queen Reborn by K.T. Moreis
Life on the run gets complicated when dragons are involved.
7. Adam Reborn: A Family Guide to Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury by Alexander Stelmach
An inspiring, true story of surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury.
A dark plot to clone back Jesus, the Buddha and Muhammad?all in order to destroy Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.
9. PROPHETS REBORN - A Gabe Turpin Novel by Gary Gabelhouse
At stake: the faith of billions. A bitter technology magnate's attack on the foundations of three major religions...
10. The Saint Nicholas Secret by Dennis Eugene Engleman
A story of childhood faith reborn in the heart of a father.
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