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1. Gay Sleeping Arrangements: Patchwork Quilts for Men Who Love Men by Johnny Townsend
Johnny Townsend offers up a second collection of nearly 100 original gay quilt designs. Piecing together patchwork quilts is a f
2. Let the Faggots Burn: The UpStairs Lounge Fire by Johnny Townsend
On Gay Pride Day in 1973, someone set the entrance to a French Quarter gay bar on fire. In the terrible inferno that followed, t
3. Mormon Bullies by Johnny Townsend
Essays on gay rights, the environment, and universal healthcare.
4. The Gay Mormon Quilter's Club by Johnny Townsend
Gay Mormons make quilts, get shot, and become prophets.
5. God's Gargoyles by Johnny Townsend
Tales of gay Mormons.
6. The Mormon Inquisition by Johnny Townsend
Mormons protest injustice both in and out of the Church.
7. Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth by Johnny Townsend
At Judgment Day, Mormon misfits face their eternal fate.
8. Lying for the Lord by Johnny Townsend
Religious lies--when the truth alone isn't quite good enough.
9. Interview with a Mission President by Johnny Townsend
Mormon mission president and his missionaries defect from the Church.
10. Dinosaur Perversions by Johnny Townsend
Gay Mormon short stories by an important Latter-day Saint writer.
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