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1. Betrayal in Shanghai by Howard Turk
Murder, mystery, and politics in 1925 Shanghai
2. The Shanghai Operation by Howard Turk
WWII. Shanghai. Behind the lines help for downed airmen.
3. The Shanghai Conspiracy by Howard Turk
An American faces murder/mystery saving Russian exiles in Shanghai
4. Steel Town by Howard Turk
A Jewish immigrant investigates murder in a corrupt mill town
5. High Stakes in Shanghai by Howard Turk
Shanghai, 1941. Japanese invade. Jake Greenberg must save friends.
6. The Last Train by Howard Turk
Russian Civil War, 1919. Investigator hunts murderer on Trans-Siberian Railroad.
7. The Second Enemy by Howard Turk
Jake uncovers a Japanese plot to undermine the Chinese Government.
8. The Shanghai Spy by Howard Turk
Jake Greenberg, an American expatriate, gets a phone call one night from the chief security officer of the American Consulate. T
9. West of Shanghai by Howard Turk
Gun smuggling in 1921 China leads to a murder investigation.
10. Lost in Shanghai by Howard Turk
Shanghai 1937. A scientist must be saved from the Gestapo.
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