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81. The Dog and the Butterfly and Other Fables by Kenneth L. Haley
This illustrated book is a collection of 12 fables with talking animals and good life lessons for children. It follows the tradi
82. Coloring Book Designs by Marjorie Barner
Coloring Book Designs is for kids or adults to learn, create and enjoy a variety of designs. Coloring Book Designs is excitement
83. Knucklehead Mountain by David B. Funk, Illustrations by Afsaneh Bagherloo
Knucklehead Mountain is the first book in a series that follows the adventures of Kai and his dog Koda. This ?Great Big Adventur
84. A Guide to Chicago Book Publishers, 6th Edition by ChicagoWriter Books
Profiles of 190+ Chicago book publishers' buying and hiring practices.
85. My Daddy Is A Leukemia Super Hero by Rebecca Shipe
In this heartfelt children's book, follow nine-year-old Jillian and her daddy as they journey through cancer. Over the course of
86. Paula Pelican: Life on the Lagoon by Donna Good Higbee
There is only one thing Paula Pelican loves more than flying, and that's helping others. Whether it's a drowning sailor, a fores
87. The Sovereign Path by Virgil Blacksmith
The Sovereign Path is a work compiled of fatherly wisdom and is primarily directed towards the author's children. It is blunt an
88. Climb on, Yosemite! (A Coloring Book) by Daniel Delisle, Illustrations by Hugo Travanca
Climb On, Yosemite! is about going on an outdoor adventure in Yosemite National Park! Readers will learn important information a
89. JOSHUA'S LESSONS: Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World by Linda Wojcik
A true story of one mother?s unconventional approach to healing her sensitive child.
90. Sydney Travels to Rome: A Guide for Kids - Let?s Go to Italy Series! by Keith Svagerko and Sydney Svagerko
A kid?s travel guide to Rome, Italy; written from a kid?s perspective.
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