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71. TROY'S AMAZING UNIVERSE: T for Toy by S. Kennedy Tosten
Troy, the smallest kid, discovers the world's greatest toy!
72. If These Stones Could Talk - Relics of New England's Intriguing Past by Michael O'Hearn
Exploring stories of unusual facets of New England's past, this book offers tales of lighthouses, caves, disappearing islands, g
73. Bisi?s Wonderful World: Childhood Tales from Nigeria by Morenike Bolujoko
This is a book of short tales that touches on different aspects of life with memories of growing up in Nigeria beautifully told
74. The SKiLL-ionaire in Every Child: Boosting children's socio-emotional skills using the latest in brain research by Marie-Nathali
Increase children and adolescents' socio-emotional abilities using a breakthrough conversational method.
75. Silent Sorrows: Let's Talk About Abortion, Reproductive Technologies, and Adoption by Katherine Breckenridge
Through the promotion and practice of abortion, IVF, and surrogacy, vulnerable members of society are continually treated as exp
76. MOMENTS OF VICTORY, MOMENTS OF CHANGE: Stories of Perseverance and Quiet Courage by Dorothy Hill Baroch
Moments of Victory, Moments of Change is a collection of life stories, a glimpse into the minds and hearts of individuals and fa
77. Grammy's Goodbye Window by Beverly Van Alstyne Krol, Illustrated by Michele Schweitzer
An endearing story about a grandmother and grandchildren's love and adoration for each other. A special tribute to family tradit
78. TROY'S AMAZING UNIVERSE: M for Mall by S. Kennedy Tosten
A special boy faces his difficult world with undaunted optimism.
79. KALEIDOSCOPE: A Connecticut Boyhood 1942-1955 by Bob Sessions
Growing up during the 40"s & 50's.
80. BEING SPECIAL: A Mother and Son's Journey with Speech Disorders and Learning Disabilities by Barbara L. Curry and David Curry
Uplifting memoir of a family?s experience with a special-needs child
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