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51. The Wounded Butterfly by Francis Mann
The Wounded Butterfly engages the reader to observe the wonder and beauty of the created world. The story is meant to Inspire an
52. Pegasus: the Introduction by Christine A. Distler
Fantasy adventure for children seven to ten.
53. Do You Know? by Gary Gazlay
?Do You Know?? contains 160 multiple sight words for children.
54. Nikki Neal: Back Porch Detective by derek gilbert
Nikki Neal is the smartest kid at Harry S Truman Elementary. I think she might be the smartest fourth-grader anywhere. Her dad c
55. Sydney Travels to Milan: A Guide for Kids - Let?s Go to Italy Series! by Keith Svagerko and Sydney Svagerko
A travel guide for kids to Milan, Italy.
56. How to Create Quizzes, Surveys & Polls to Power-Promote Your Book or Website! by Rita Milios
Templates for creating Quizzes, Surveys, Polls for book, website promotion
57. Life of a Bastard Vol.1 by Damien Black
Javier Soto's real life journey of life in foster care during the 70's and 80's. Javier's uncensored story involves taboo topics
58. The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret - A Jenny & Pete Mystery by Hays Williams
Jenny and Pete search for, and eventually find, Bobby?s dad.
59. Phoenix to LA: A True Story of One Man's Journey Out of the 1960's by Martin McMorrow
A true story of one young man's journey out of the 1960's.
60. The Clever Toad: THE RACE by Danny Wilson
The Clever Toad - The Race is a fairytale story of a toad wanting to marry a frog, but must finish a challenge to win the hand o
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