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41. Life's Lessons far... by Gary J. Kelman and Richard T. Gray
This book documents lessons the two authors learned over their lifetimes (the view from 30,000 feet); interprets their meanings
42. Barker Cane Land: Healing A Child's Divorce Grief by Jeanne M. Colombo, Esq
Barker Cane Land is Healing a Child?s Grief caused by the Parents? Divorce through the Spiritual Wisdom and Practical Advice Gat
43. SEVENTEEN: Lessons From My Children by K. B. Sanders
Explores one man's life journey through moments as a parent when he was not his best self, reflecting upon those times with humo
44. The Uncle Tales: Wisdom Stories for Children of All Ages by Lin Butler
"The Uncle Tales" is as collection of short stories to help children consider some of Life's most difficult questions on
45. Grade Your Child's School by Charles H. Harrison
This book tells parents how to evaluate their child's school or any other school. Parents learn what questions to ask, observati
46. Crafty Friends: Homemade Country Collection by Jennifer LB Leese
This book is full of crafts, children, kids recipes, recipes...
47. RiverWays: The River Goers' Guide to River Etiquette by Chula Linda Gemignani and Meredith Heller
RiverWays is a beautiful and practical guide for visiting rivers with care and consideration. This book of watercolors and poetr
48. Byron Unleashed by Gerry Hoylie
Featuring fun, mystery, fantasy, magic, and a superhero.
49. Stones of Remembrance in the Garden of Our Lives: One Family's Experiences of the Faithfulness of God by Herb and Elsie Purnell
This book is one family?s account of God?s faithfulness in their lives, from childhood to advanced age, through joy and deep gri
50. Cozy Clozy by Doug Alford
The Facts and Actions behind clothes for kids!
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