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21. I Want to Be a Pig by Scott Henderson
Humorous children's poems for the young and young at heart.
22. Prudence's Prize-Winning Pie by Gwen Flanders
A surprise ingredient turns a pie contest into hilarious chaos.
23. The Addiction Monster and the Square Cat by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis
An educational and entertaining children's book about drugs and addiction
24. The Nitch Witch's Guide to Business Book Publishers, 2nd edition by Mary Ellen Waszak
Profiles of business book publishers; how to write, pitch, promote.
25. A Day at the Zoo with Lou by Peggy Polacek
A Day at the Zoo with Lou, by Peggy Polacek, is a feel good children's picture book that inspires and empowers the reader by see
26. The Adventures of Princess Atlantis, the Musical by Mark Frank
A fresh new juke box children's musical for all ages!
27. This And That What's In A Hat: Rhymes For The Youngins by Dadfire
This book will keep the entire family laughing with each delightful tale set in easy to follow rhyme and verse. The inventive an
28. Practical Ways To Develop Your Child's Financial Intelligence by Valerie Mills
A Parent's Guide To Raising Financially Savvy and Independent Children
29. Essie Solves the Mystery: Who's Snoring 'til Morning? by Barbara Barash Simmons, Illustrated by Chad Thompson
Little Essie awakens in the middle of the night to hear an annoying snoring sound. Putting on her red slippers, eye glasses and
30. DIARY OF A VET'S WIFE: Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Memoir by Nancy MacMillan
Compelling memoir of one woman's struggle to save her husband.
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