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101. Memoir of an Unintentional Feminist by Mary Pacios
A young woman, divorced with children, struggles to find a place in the repressive culture of the 1950s. She lands in the middle
102. From the Abuelas' Window by Nancy Toomey
Love and magic change a family's fate in Pinochet's Chile.
103. God's Great Reset: Assessing Covid, the Rapture & Yeshua's Body in an END TIME Context by Yosef Rachamim Danieli
Are we living in the end times? Could it be that Covid-19 crisis marked ?the beginning of the end?? Should we expect an imminent
104. Masks, Mayhem and Murder: Another tale of Red Maguire, crime-solving ace reporter - BOOK 2 by Kevin S. Giles
Red Maguire, a love-starved Irish newspaper reporter who belongs on the cover of pulp fiction magazines, is famous on the windin
105. Light Bearer by Tracy K. Sams
In Ephesians 5:8, it says that we were once darkness but now we are light in the Lord, so we should walk as children of light. M
106. Finding Faeries in the Woods at Wolfe's Neck Park by Laura Lander
What begins as a casual walk in the woods quickly becomes an imaginative adventure of discovering hidden pictures in roots, tree
107. Holly the Elf by Glenda Holzman
Holly is an elf in Santa's Workshop. She has no interest in making toys like all the other elves. This leaves Santa and Sam, his
108. Ruthie B. Goose - Birth of the Legend by Jeffrey Baker (Ruthie Baker)
Join Ruthie's quest to break the high flying world record.
109. Join Me On the Road! In Tennessee! by Austin P. Roadman
Join Austin P. Roadman, famous armadillo entertainer, as he travels the sites and cities of Tennessee, celebrating the best the
110. The Sock Monkey Doll by Peggy Callison
An Appalachian woman's journey through unwritten, but boilerplate, cultural rules.
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