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11. Did You Know? by Gary Gazlay
A humorous children?s book with pictures and multiple sight words.
12. Special Secret Hearts: A Child's Introduction to Dementia and Pink Curls: A Santa Claus Story--A 2-in-1 Book by Georgette Tarnow
Two stories: explaining dementia to a child and Santa's workshop
13. Grammy's Sunday School Songs by Beverly Van Alstyne Krol, Illustrated by Michele Schweitzer
A unique and engaging songbook for Sunday School students and teachers everywhere. There is nothing sweeter than children's voic
14. LOVE LESSONS FROM MY SON: A Mother's Journey Through a Teen's Cancer by Sheila Kelly
Lessons learned in dealing with teen?s diagnosis of Hodgkin?s lymphoma.
For fire safe kids and families this book is exceptional.
16. Charlie's Favorite Angel by Erna Nardi Malave
grief, death, loss, children's books, funerals, children and death, Malave
17. Angels Angels Everywhere by Jodi Pesca
This catchy children?s rhyme of Angels will stick with any child throughout their daily activities. It will allow them to see al
18. Life's Little How To Book by Jaleh Donaldson
How to tips on dating, marriage, children, career and more!
19. Angela's Book by Angela Hoy
Considering Divorce? Are you frightened? So were we! This book features horrific yet informative stories from 27 divorced women.
20. PRAYING God's Word of Protection Against Racism and Injustice: Fervent Prayers Over Your Family Against Racial Violence by Iwalo
Inside the pages of ?Praying God?s Word of Protection Against Racism and Injustice?, you will find how to use the Word of God to
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