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1. [PDF] Global Shamanic Energy Work
... Global Shamanic Energy Work By Don Chapin, PhD Order the book from the publisher ... Cataloguing in Publication Data Chapin, PhD, Don Global Shamanic Energy Work by Don Chapin, PhD Library of Congress Control
2. A Modern View of God by Diane Chapin
The first book of a 13-volume spiritual development series
3. Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth by Diane Chapin
Book #five of thirteen provides a visceral connection with Reality
4. Living Life Radiantly - Tools for Personal Development by Diane Chapin
Second of a thirteen-book progressive series in advancing spiritual development
5. SPIRITUAL HEALING: A New Way to View the Human Condition by Diane Chapin
Who is a technician? Who is a true healer?
6. The Spiritual Heart by Diane K. Chapin
Presenting basic principles in a tone reminiscent of Edgar Cayce.
7. Life Through Self Empowerment by Diane K. Chapin
New insights addressing the spirituality at our deepest core
8. The Light Path by Diane K. Chapin
This is about broad steps going beyond the human condition.
9. Advanced Keys For Life Management by Diane K. Chapin
Life changing methods; the axis that the Universe turns upon.
10. A Path to the Inner Self by Diane Chapin
Presenting a glimpse into earth?s future that we help effect.
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